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 XxIchigo KurosakixX's GM application

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PostSubject: XxIchigo KurosakixX's GM application    Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:27 am

Byond key:Liviogaglianese
Name in the game:Yasutora Sado
Age:I am 17 years old
Experience: I was a GM lv 4 on Bleach Lost Souls and GM lv 3 on Bleach Memories of Nobody.
I am online most of the time during the week. Weekends all the time.
Reason to be a GM: I want to become beacuse I want to help the people and I will punish they if don't respect the rules.
Very Happy
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PostSubject: I see...   Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:33 am

Hello Sado Surprised Thank you for posting here in the forums unlike everyone else who applies xD. But I believe you would make a great addition to the team once we finish remaking the source so we can:

1: Add more things a lot more easier.
2: Be shown on the hub and gain more players.

So once we finish it(should be up in less than a week, hell maybe even today) We will defiantly choose you. We are in desperate need for an ACTUAL admin. xD So yes. If mas doesn't agree I'll work it out with him. You will most likely start at the lowest level, and work your way up. But I have faith in you Very Happy

~Keep checking your Email! We will email you when we finish the source.~

~Zsh~ What a Face
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XxIchigo KurosakixX's GM application
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