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 Nemoki's gm application

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PostSubject: Nemoki's gm application   Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:39 pm

Hey my in game name is Nemoki, and my byond key is dragon227". I have been Enforcer, admin, Co-owner and even Owner on my discounted games. I am a cheerful person and easy going person but i know how to get my point across and follow the rules given to me. I am a excellent moderator since i know how to keep people in control whenever a situation arises. I have no bias opinions during a situation and treat every person in games fairly and do each of them justice. I am also a former lvl 6 gm on this game before it went down for awhile. As such i have people who can vouch for me. Such as Gm lvl 6 Jamon and gm lvl 9 Zsh. I hope theses references will help you consider on reinstating me as a gm on your game. i would perfer atleast lvl 4 gm but if anything you give me i'll be satisfied with.

Thank you for taking your time to read this application old friend. I hope you still have faith in me :p
God bless you
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Nemoki's gm application
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